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The Order of Knights of Pythias is an international, non-sectarian fraternal order,
founded in February, 1864 in Washington, DC.  Justus H. Rathbone founded the order based on the principals of Fraternity, Charity and Benevolence as a means to heal the
wounds between the North and South, relieve suffering and promote friendship among men.

After nearly 150 years in New Jersey, Pythian lodges across the state continue to work in and support local charities. Member knights raise funds for charitable endeavors ranging from the American Cancer society, Food banks, Cystic Fibrosis, Diabetes Research Foundation to veterans organizations and Autism Speaks. Local lodges run fundraising events, provide benevolent benefits to members as well as gather for picnics, dinners and other social occasions with families and guests.


We welcome all men at least 18 years of age to join us in Friendship, Charity and Benevolence.  For more information about membership:
Call David Bellask: (732) 561-2174 or Email

Grand Council, Domain of New Jersey, 2016-2017
Grand Chancellor - Sir Barry Winston
Grand Vice Chancellor - Allen Haller
Grand Prelate Sir Steven A. Pardes
Grand Secretary - Sir David N Bellask, PGC, PDSC, PSR
Grand Treasurer - Henry B. Kazin, PGC
Grand Master of Arms - Matthew Silverman
Grand Inner Guard - Norman Goldenbaum, PGC
Grand Outer Guard (vacant)

Grand Tribunal:
Chief Tribune Robert C. Blum, PC
Associate Tribunes - Sir Saul Rochman, PSR and  David Shulman, PC

Recorder Brian Konikoff, PCDGC

Supreme Vice Chancellor:
Sir Joel D. Fierstien


Supreme Representatives:
Sir Joseph Spindel, (2018)
Sir Marvin I. Diner, (2020)

Deputy Supreme Chancellor:
Sir David N Bellask, PSR, GS (2018)

Grand Lodge Trustees:
Sir Marvin I. Diner, SR
Sir Joseph Spindel, SR
Rafael Breitowich, PGC

Chief Deputy Grand Chancellor:
Michael Seligman

The Grand Lodge
Instituted March 16, 1868
at Camden




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Pythian Sisters

New Jersey Sisters

1864 to 2014

The New Jersey
Knights of Pythias
Charity Foundation


Subordinate Pythian Lodges


Atlantic Lodge #98 - Ventnor, NJ - Web Page / twitter / facebook / LinkedIn / Photos
Battleground Centennial Lodge #100 - Freehold, NJ - Web Page / twitter / facebook / Photos
Benjamin N. Cardozo Lodge #163/157 - Fair Lawn, NJ - Website / twitter / facebook / LinkedIn / Photos
Fortitude Lodge #160 - Ewing, NJ - Web Page / Website / twitter / facebook / LinkedIn / Photos
Jersey Shore Lodge #76/167 - Lakewood, NJ - Web Page / twitter / facebook / LinkedIn / Photos

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U.S. Civil War

PC Gerry Greenblatt
Damon & Pythias

Justus H. Rathbone

The Rathbone Bible
February 19, 1864

James E. West
Chief Scout Exec - BSA


January 17 Grand Lodge Visitation to Battleground Lodge, Manalapan Sr. Center

January 23 Grand Council at Fair Lawn Sr. Center

January 25 GL visitation and Honor Night at Fortitude Lodge, Monroe Twp Sr. Center

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Pythian Altruisms

The Order of Knights of Pythias
Helping KOP Military Veterans
and their families Since 1864

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