New Jersey Grand Lodge

Knights of Pythias

Slogan Contest

Contest entries have closed. The winning slogan will be announced after March 1, 2018


Write a “pithy”, catchy slogan in 10 words/50 characters or less that best characterizes the spirit and activities of New Jersey Knights of Pythias.   Here are a few examples:

                                 ·         “Pythians Helping People Do Better”

                                 ·         “Serving New Jersey for Over 150 Years”

                                 ·         “Helping People, Changing Lives”


1.       Entry must be submitted by a member in good standing of a New Jersey Pythian Lodge. 

        Judges and current elected members of the Grand Council, Domain of New Jersey are not


2.       Deadline for Entries: Midnight, December 31, 2017.

3.       Winner will be announced prior to March 1, 2018.

4.       An Entry may consist of up to 3 slogans. One entry per member.

5.       Ruling of the judging panel will be final.

6.       Entries may be submitted by email OR the form below. Do NOT use both. 

  •   Submitting the entry by email

      –  Click on the words below labeled “New Jersey Pythians Slogan” to download the PDF to your  computer

       – Fill in the entry form

      – Attach the Entry Form to an email.

      – The Email Subject MUST contain the words “NJP Slogan Contest.” 

       – Email to:                 

  • Submitting the entry by the form below



The winning slogan will be posted in the heading of the GL website.

The winner gets their lodge dues paid for 1 year to home lodge by GL up to $65.00 OR a donation of $65 to a lodge charity in his name.


Entry Form Link

> New Jersey Pythians slogan contest